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How To Fix When IPhone Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

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Maybe you are able to connect your computer to your Wi-Fi or your friend iPhone to the network easily but getting the problem in connecting your iphone to the network. Maybe your phone connects to another Wi-Fi network with different SSID but creating a problem in connecting to home Wi-Fi network.

We find a lot of Maybes when comes to detecting and troubleshooting this problem but we will help you fix the problem in a best convenient manner. Today, in this post we will discuss why your phone is not connecting to the Wi-Fi extender and what can be done to fix this problem.

Simple and easy fix: Try powering off the iPhone and your Wi-Fi range extender and router and turn it on after 2 minutes.

  1. From your phone, press and hold the power button and slide to turn it off. Slide across the screen with the help of fingertips. It will hardly take 15 seconds.
  2. To turn off the router and extender, pull the power cord directly from the socket and plug it back to turn it on.

When your iPhone is successfully connecting to other Wi-Fi networks except for one at home

In such conditions, it is difficult to diagnose the problem or you can directly say there is a problem with the network. Usually, the users facing this problem produce their phone at the store. The technical expert will reset the settings of your device and wish you good luck. You can take it home with you now.

Before moving onto details, we would like to remind you that we are discussing the problem of iphone not connecting to the Wi-Fi network or range extender. Now, coming to the troubleshooting steps.

Problem with iphone and wireless networks

When you connect to any network from iphone, it remembers complete information about it. Later on, you don’t need to enter the details manually, it will be auto-picked by iphone. Similarly, when you reach home after office, you will find your iphone gets connected to the home network automatically.

Restart Wi-Fi from router or extender

One of the best and quickest steps to troubleshoot the problem is by turning off Wi-Fi and turn it on back. The process is similar to powering off your iphone and powering it on. With this, your iphone will get a fresh start.

Open ‘Settings’ from the app and click on ‘Wi-Fi’. Toggle to turn off Wi-Fi on phone. Turn on again. You must wait for a few seconds before turning on Wi-Fi again.

Delete all wireless networks stored on iphone

After performing the above mentioned step, you need to reset all the wireless database by removing unnecessary Wi-Fi names from the list of wireless SSIDs. To reset the network, click on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘General’ then on ‘Reset’. Select ‘Reset Network’.

Reconnect to the home Wi-Fi network and enter the password for the same. Do keep password handy if required. Now, try connecting to any website and check if the problem is resolved or not. If the problem still exists, then you can contact Mywifi ext. support.

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