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Which 5 Ways Can Increase The Range Of Your Wireless Network?

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Wi-Fi is significant when we talk about the internet of things. You might be reading this page due to Wi-Fi. You can watch seamless videos from YouTube, shows, and movies from other apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon only if the internet connection is stable. If it keeps on disconnecting, then it can be a daunting task to find out the possible cause of this problem.

If you are getting the problem with your Wi-Fi range, then here are 5 basic tips to increase the network strength.

  1. Location: The location of the router plays a vital role in Wi-Fi range. Although, you can’t alter your home walls and other things according to it but you can change the location of the router according to them.
  2. Place at height: Always place your router at a height so that it can travel faster without any obstructions in-between.
  • Centre of the house: This is a place from where you can get maximum out of your router. By placing a router at this place, you can get maximum signal strength.
  1. Minimize errors: All the metallic things at home emit Wi-Fi signals.
  2. Place it away from electronic appliances: You must place all the appliances like Monitors, Microwave and computer wires away from the extender in order to avoid electromagnetic interference.
  3. Minimize traveling through walls: You may get a problem if signal bounces back so many times to reach the device. Traditional houses encounter this problem more than modern houses.
  4. Select the right router channel: If your neighbor router is also connected to the internet, then it can interrupt your router signal and you may find the problem in using the range extender. You can even stop devices from using your wireless network anymore even but we recommend you to change the channel of your router to avoid any interference. We all know that there are multiple frequencies on which your router can work. You can check this from the control panel of your router.
  5. Wi-Fi access protection: You must protect your Wi-Fi by selecting a password for it. With this, you can stop the misuse of Wi-Fi network otherwise your family members and even neighbors can connect to the network quite easily.
  6. Router too old: We all know that technology is changing fast and every second day the new router is being launched by companies. If you are using the router since long, then the router is probably no more consistent or not compliant with the technology. You can purchase a new router online or from a nearby retail store. You can even contact ADSL for your old router support and assistance.
  7. Purchase a new wireless Range extender: The effective devices must be placed at a right location in order to get maximum from it. If you want to increase the signal strength of the wireless network in the poor or bad area then you can use Wireless extender with your network. You can easily buy it online or from the store and configure it on your own through guided manual available inside the box. The manufacturer website is also mentioned inside the manual whom you can contact in case of any support and assistance.

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