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How To Setup Belkin Router In Bridge Mode?, www mywifiext net, www mywifiext net setup

Are you planning to purchase a new router to upgrade or enhance the network performance? If yes, then we want to mention here that your old router will also be used for other purpose so don’t place it inside your cupboard. It can be used for another network or for bridging the network. Moreover, you can use it to enhance the signal strength of your signal. You might be wondering how? Don’t worry, we are going to suggest some steps that will help you making range extender of your old router. If your router is year old, then you can replace it with a new one but connect the old as well. This will act as a bridge to the new router.

You can easily notice the speed difference after connecting your old router in a bridge mode. You will start receiving proper signal strength at each blind corner of your house. The worry of placing a router in the center can be averted with this bridge mode. We want to mention here that when you connect a new router to the network, then the network will mainly run through the new network but not the old one. The old router will only amplify and boost the signal strength. You can say it will act as a signal repeater.

Now, we will discuss steps to set up Belkin router in bridge mode. Before proceeding with it, we would like to mention the important things required to setup router bridge mode. The below-mentioned conditions must be met only then you will be able to set up bridge mode on the router.

  • The channel must be the same on the router and on the AP. If it is different then make it same. If you don’t know steps to make the same, then you can contact extender and router support.
  • The bridge mode which we are talking of must be supported by the Belkin router. There are some Belkin routers that don’t support this mode. If your router model doesn’t support this mode, then we are sorry. Stop proceeding further. You can check whether your router supports this mode or not by entering your model number on the Belkin support page. All the configuration details and other specifications will be displayed on the screen.

Now, we are going to discuss steps with you. Pay close attention to the steps. If in case you find any problem, you can contact support and help team.

  • Connect the router to any of the port out of 4 available LAN ports.
  • Enter IP on your computer browser and click ‘Enter’.
  • You are now required to enter the password for login.
  • Leave this field blank. You can log in without entering the password.
  • Go to wireless settings and search for ‘Wireless bridging’.
  • Click on ‘Enable particular AP’s to connect’.
  • You are now required to submit the WLAN/MAC settings of the old router, the one you want to use as a bridge on your network.
  • Place the router close to the new router so that it can be easily linked with each other.
  • You can now use your router as a wireless

This is how you can setup Belkin router in bridge mode. For any clarification or assistance, feel free to contact My Wi-Fi extender support.

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