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How To Easily Reset And Re-Configure D-Link Wireless Router?, www mywifiext net,

Today, we are going to help you with the solution to fix the D-link router problem on the home wireless network. We will explain the simple steps to reset and reconfigure the D-link router.

Let’s understand D-link router problem: Router is a kind of device which you will find in every household. But, do you know your router data can be used by your neighbor if he/she has access to your network or knows the password of your Wireless network. In that case, you can secure your network only by changing the password or resetting the D-link router.

Now, let’s have a look at steps to reset the D-link router and how to re-configure the same.

How to reset the D-link router?

If you want to reset your router, first boot it completely. This is the beginning of the process. To press the reset button of the router, you can make use of a paper clip or rounder from kid’s geometry box. Press the reset button given at the back of D-link router for at least 20 seconds.

Release the button and check the D-link router will start rebooting automatically and restore to factory default settings. It will take 20 seconds to completely boot the router. The SSID of your router will set to default automatically. By default, it is ‘D-link’ itself. You can change it later on. If the SSID is not known to you, then you can check it from the back of the device.

Now power cycle your other network devices like Modem, router to start with the re-configuration process.

Now, we are going to discuss steps to re-configure D-link router from factory settings.

For every Internet service provider, there is a unique or static IP allotted to machine besides Dynamic IP. In a router, you have to enter the IP manually with the help of a keyboard. Once the device gets reset, you can configure it again according to your preference. The steps to be followed for configuring the device are mentioned below:

  1. Open Google Chrome or another browser like Firefox on your computer and enter the IP address in the URL address space.
  2. Enter username and password on the next page. You need to enter ‘Admin’ in the username field and ‘Password’ in the Password field. These are default credentials for every router. Whenever you reset your router, the values will automatically set to default. In case the default credentials are changed from your side, you need to enter the new username and password then. In case of any problem, you can contact My wifi support. Follow on-screen instructions and implement the same on your device.
  3. Once the configuration process gets completed, don’t forget to restart the Device and router.

This is all about the resetting and re-configuring process for D-link router. If you are satisfied or your problem has been solved, then do mention your comments in the section given below. Yes, if you have any query to ask or facing problem in processing the above-mentioned steps, then call us at wireless extender and router support.

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