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Why Your Laptop Doesn’t Know Whether To Use Internet Signal From A Router Or Extender?

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Many times, devices that support Wi-Fi feature can’t figure out whether to use the signal coming from the router or an extender. If your device also has the same problem, then this post will help you tweak your device and internet network in such a way that your device is always connected to the right network and has the strongest internet signal.

If you use a smartphone, tablet, and laptop on a daily basis in your house with multiple access points like routers and Wi-Fi range extenders, then you must have seen that the device automatically latches onto the access point that has the strongest signal, presumably the closest one. This is perhaps the reason that you are constantly connected to the internet even when you move from one room to another.

However, it is important for you to understand that the technology doesn’t always behave in a way it should. If you are not sure about Wi-Fi range extenders as to what they are and where they are used, then you must first learn about the device.

If you have a Wi-Fi extender at home, then you have basically increased the range of your Wi-Fi network, which is somewhat like creating a second Wi-Fi network. You can easily make the entire system behave like one big network by giving each access point the same name, which is also called an SSID along with its password. This way around, you just have to set up each of your devices to access a single Wi-Fi network.

But, you must have seen that when you move from one room to another, the device will try to keep getting in contact with the last access point ignoring the one that is present in proximity. If you want to fix this problem, then you can try the following solutions:

  1. When this problem occurs, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi on your device, then turn it on again. If you are using a Windows PC, then it has a hardware switch that you can use to turn off Wi-Fi. If you are unable to find it, click ‘Wi-Fi’ icon that you can find in the notification area followed by right-clicking on the network and then, selecting ‘Disconnect’. You will have to repeat the process, but this time around, you need to select ‘Connect’. The moment you reconnect, your device is going to look for the most powerful access point that is using your SSID.
  2. If this solution doesn’t work, then you will have to move onto the next solution, which is changing the SSID on the extender. For that, you will have to go through the Wi-Fi extender’s documentation.

With that, your devices are going to see two different networks. Now, you will have to configure all your devices so that those too can use both the networks. Doing this will prevent your devices from reading the wrong access point. In case the device is reading from the wrong access point, then you can switch easily.

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