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How To Use Your Router As Wi-Fi Range Extender/Repeater?

Wi-Fi Range Extender

Are you getting the problem with wireless repeater or extender at home? No need to worry, just go through this page and we will let you know the steps to make router as a wireless extender for individual use. You will be able to get better signal strength after configuring the router as a wireless range extender.

Points to remember:

  1. You must ensure that your router has WDS feature inbuilt.
  2. You need to use WEP.
  3. With the help of a laptop, you can setup the router. For more information, you can contact the support team as well.

How to start with the process?

  • You have to open the gateway settings of your router and modify according to the given instructions online. To check the IP address of router, open the user-interface page and click on ‘UI’. You first need to connect the Ethernet cable to the router and to the computer port. Then turn on the computer.

1. Go to the start menu.

2. Click on ‘All program’.

3. From there head to ‘Accessories’.

4. Click on the command prompt. You will find the command window appear on the screen. Enter ‘ipconfig’ in the command window.

5. Note down the default gateway from there.

For Macintosh computer

1. Open ‘Apple Logo’ by clicking on it.

2. Open ‘System Preferences’ and then tap on ‘network’.

3. Go to ‘Advanced tab’ and check the ‘Ethernet’ option there.

4. Click on ‘TCP/IP’ option to open the router configurations.

  • Open a browser and start accessing the default gateway.
  • Setup the wireless router by tapping on ‘Settings’.
  • After this, you have to go to ‘Advanced wireless’ settings and click on ‘Wireless repeating function’. Copy the Mac address and paste it in your notepad. Enable Wireless repeating function and tap on ‘Wireless base station’.
  • Open the second router and connect it to the computer using the same Ethernet cord. You will find the same wireless settings for this as well.
  • Open wireless advanced settings and click on ‘Wireless repeating function’. Note down the Mac address. To enable Wireless repeating function and tap on a wireless repeater.
  • Type IP on the first router and wireless Mac address in the second line. Apply the settings.
  • Open first router settings and click on ‘Wireless repeating function’. Don’t select ‘Wireless repeater’. Enter the Mac address of repeater in the repeater mac address field.
  • Now move the second router to the place where you are getting low signal strength. Check if there is any improvement noticed or not.

Further tips and tricks

  • If you are using two different brands of router, then this process may or may not work. We recommend you to use the same brand of routers.

Questions and answers

WEP is outdated or insecure?

Actually, the settings or WEP is not outdated but it is the technology that changes in router as well as in Wi-Fi extenders. WEP update ensures better bandwidth.

Though using router as repeater or wireless extender is outdated right now but it will solve your purpose in case your wireless extender is not compatible or working with the home Wi-Fi network.

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