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How to easily Install Netgear Extender Ex7300 on your network using web GUI?

Netgear Extender Ex7300

To configure Netgear extender EX7300 on your network, follow the steps mentioned below in the same order.

To connect through the installation assistant, follow the steps given here as follows:

  • Plug the extender to the power socket.
  • Wait for the power LED to change to green.
  • If LED doesn’t turn on, then switch on/off the extender power button.
  • Connect the extender to the device using Ethernet or wireless connection.
  • If you are connecting through Ethernet cable, then connect to Ethernet ports at both the ends.
  • Now, launch Wi-Fi connection manager and locate the Wi-Fi device to connect to it. You will find an extender with name Netgear_Ext.
  • Once your device gets connected to the extender, the client LED will turn on.
  • Open the web browser of your computer and enter in the address space.
  • The extender setup page will appear on the screen.
  • Click on ‘New extender’ setup option.
  • Enter the information in the fields given and click ‘Next’.
  • You must ensure that Access point is set to extender side.
  • Click on the network you want to extend with extender.
  • Enter passkey for the network in the next field.
  • Select SSID and password of your choice for a network

Note: We suggest you use different SSID and password for your extender that doesn’t match with the SSID of your existing network.

  • Wait till the extender list get refreshed on the network.
  • Now, it’s the time to connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices to the new EX7300 extender by entering the new SSID and password.
  • Click to continue.
  • You will get a message reminding that extender is successfully connected.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • You will find a registration page on the front
  • Complete registration by entering the information and click to finish.
  • In case you don’t want to register the device as of now, you can skip this step. The registration is required for Netgear telephone support.
  • You will find a status display page.
  • You must place router and extender at the new The distance between the router and extender should be minimized so as to get proper signal strength.
  • The location selected should be within the range of your existing wireless network.
  • Connect the extender into the electrical plug to power it on. Wait for Power LED to get stable.
  • Using the router LED link, select the spot where the connection strength is optimal or proper.
  • If you are not getting a green LED light for Router link, then disconnect the extender and move it closer to the router. Now turn it on again and keep on moving the extender until you get best signal strength.
  • Reconnect your computer to the extender again with new Wi-Fi SSID and password.
  • Now, check the connection strength of your extender by moving the computer or laptop away from the extender or to the poor connectivity area.
  • Leave the computer in the area having poor signal strength.
  • Check client LED on your EX7300 extender.
  • If you notice solid green or amber on your Client LED, then it means the extender has reached the poor signal area and network setup is complete.
  • If you find the Client LED is red, then it means the network failed to reach the poor network area.
  • You need to move the computer or Wi-Fi enabled device closer to the Extender until the LED light turns green.

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