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What Are Eeros And How These Are Different From Wi-Fi Extenders?

eeros range extender

Unlike following the steps of a Wi-Fi range extender that works on route-to-range extender configuration, eero is a Wi-Fi system that makes use of several access points in order to provide a fast, reliable coverage on a single network in your home.

When it comes to Wi-Fi range extenders, only the existing range of the wireless network in your house is getting wider. A Wi-Fi range extender basically brings those futile spots of the house into the Wi-Fi range. While it is possible to increase the range of Wi-Fi signal, but it is also to be taken into consideration that the throughput and performance of the network to some extent.

Range extenders can reduce the bandwidth in half because they are dependent on one wireless radio to broadcast and listen to the data. What this cause is a slower connection, especially when you are receiving a wireless signal from the Wi-Fi extender. At the same time, it can also affect the connection speeds of the router.

A few Wi-Fi range extenders may require an entirely different network to broadcast despite the fact that a network has already been provided by your router. If the original home network is working a certain SSID, whereas the range extender is working on a different SSID, so the problem you will have to deal with is switching between two networks as you move from one place to another inside the home.

Eero, on the other hand, eliminates all those issues by creating a flawless mesh and link all of the eeros under one SSID. This allows you to move freely inside the house without having to boot offline or stop to switch between the networks.

Simply putting, eeros operate together like a self-sufficient wireless system. Instead of connecting a number of Wi-Fi networking products to the existing router of your house, eeros is going to make your work rather easy by replacing all the existing networking hardware except the modem.

It is quite easy to work with eero because there are defined steps that you need to follow from the mobile application that is provided by the company. By following the systematic instructions, you can easily configure the device.

Basically, the whole step becomes automated with everything being provided by the company itself. It is possible for you to connect to as many eeros as the main motive for you is to get, regardless of how big the size of your house is.

After you have configured eeros, and also confirmed that the new system is running properly, the eeros will dynamically determine as to how to pass the traffic between the devices that are connected to the home network as efficiently as possible. With this, you get the ability to access a strong wireless signal regardless of where you at in the house. Moreover, eeros have got a couple of radios for sending and receiving data at the same time, they support multiple hops without losing much signal. You will be surprised to know that eeros have the capability of communicating with the cloud to receive updates and instructions. This clearly indicates that the eeros can fix, update and improve on their own.

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