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How To Reset Your D-Link Wireless Range Extender?

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First of all, we will make you understand, what Range extender actually is? From the name implies, it is the device used to extend the range of your incoming wireless signal so that proper signal get received on every device at every location in home or office.

In this post, we are sharing some tips and tricks to troubleshoot D-link wireless range extender. The range extenders of this company are popular due to its low cost and reliability. Some of its popular models are; DAP-1320, N300.

Before starting with the troubleshooting steps, the following things must be considered. You must go through these things and check which one matches your problem.

  • Are you getting the problem in connecting to Wi-Fi network with a wireless range extender?
  • Your D-link extender is showing orange light and not connecting to the router.
  • Having security or setup coverage problem with the D-link extender?

If you are getting any of the above mentioned problems, then you will be pleased to know that you are on the right page now. The basic steps to troubleshoot the range extender are:

  • Unplug it from the power source and wait for 5 mins. Turn it on again.
  • Restart modem and router if separately connected. Check the connection between modem and router. If the connection between the modem and router is not established, then you will not able to connect the extender to the router.

How to troubleshoot and reset the D-link extender?

D-link products are so common in the market that every second household is using this product for his/her network requirements. You can place it at any location in the house. If the covered area of your house is more than 2000 square feet, then we recommend you to place the extender in the center of your house otherwise you may find the network strength issue.

If you are a user of the D-link extender, then there can be times when you face a problem with your extender. At such times, there is nothing to worry, just reset your extender. Resetting, most of the times rectify all kinds of problems encountered in the extender. The steps to reset the extender are mentioned here as under:

How to reset a D-link extender?

To perform a resetting function, first, connect the extender to the power supply. Check if the power LED on the extender turns green or not. If not, then wait for a while.

On the bottom of the extender, you will find a pinhole button. This is nothing but a reset button. You need to use a pen tip or paperclip to press the button. Keep the button pressed for at least 10 seconds. You will find the LED on extender start changing its color to orange or blue.

After this, the D-link extender will come to its factory settings. If you still find the problem, you can go to support page. Setting up the process for the D-link extender is same as that of D-link router.

If you are facing any problem in resetting the D-link range extender, then we suggest you troubleshoot the problem in your device or call at www mywifiext net. They will first listen to your problem, then work accordingly to troubleshoot it.

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