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How To Configure Range Extender Without WPS Button On Router?

If there is no WPS button available on your router, then you can configure the range extender with the steps mentioned here in this post.

Method: Web management page

Ethernet connection:

Step 1: If you are using TL750 or 850 models, then the best method to configure range extender is by using web management page. To access this page, connect the range extender to the Ethernet.

You must power on the device first before connecting it to Ethernet cable. Plug one end of the cable to the desktop and another end to the Ethernet port of extender.

Note: If your PC or laptop doesn’t support wireless internet connection, then there’s nothing to worry, you can connect the extender to the PC by connecting the Ethernet cable of your router to the range extender directly by unplugging it from the computer. In this way, a connection between range extender and PC will be established.

Wireless connection

1. Another way to connect range extender is via a wireless network. For this, you need to move to the wireless list of connections to set up a device like a computer, laptop or mobile. You need to connect to the default network.

2. If you have connected your computer to the range extender via Ethernet cable, then don’t forget to cancel the wireless link established between the network and your computer. This capability only functions on premium models of laptops and computers.

3. If you are using wireless setup, then you can skip step 2.

4. Once your computer gets disconnected from the wireless network, open any browser like Chrome, Firefox, opera, internet explorer from the computer and enter the address in the URL space provided above. Here you need to enter the extender setup link.

5.Once you have established a wireless connection between the device and the network, open browser from the wireless device. Go to address bar and type the URL of your range extender depending upon the name of the company whose device you are using.

6. Now, you will have to log in to the extender page with the default credentials. If you get success in login, then a new window will open on the screen. Use admin in the username and admin in the password field for default username and password.

7. After successful login to the range extender page, you will find a new window in front of your screen. This will display the web management page.

8. Click in the center of the web management page.

9. You will be prompted to select the region.

10. Select the name of the network you are using.

Note: If you don’t find the router network name in the list, then it means it is hidden. You can unhide the name from the advanced settings menu. Select the Mac or SSID manually.

  1. Enter the password for your wireless network.
  2. Here, you will be given the option to either select the same name of range extender as that of your existing wireless network or change it according to your ease. If you want to change it, then click on ‘Change’ and select the wireless name for your extender.
  3. When finished, don’t forget to click on ‘Finish’ option.
  4. Here it is important to check the settings and information entered by you. It must be true in your knowledge.

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