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How To Easily Configure And Protect Your Linksys WRT1200 AC Router?

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Linksys WRT1200 AC is a wireless router which has outstanding features built-in. You can get the best performance of your internet connection through this device.

Today, we are going to discuss steps to set up this model online and how to secure the device with username and password.

The steps we are going to mention will work on all 1200AC router models of Linksys Company.

Setting up the initial connection

  • Connect antenna: You will find two antennas on either side of the router.
  • Power on your router by plugging it into the power supply.
  • Connect your router to the modem through Ethernet cable.
  • Open wireless settings from your computer. You can open this setting from the right corner of the screen in windows screen.
  • Connect to the new router: Your router will have its own name. You will find this router in the manual. You can choose a 5GHz band.
  • Enter password included in the router.
  • Open setup page from the internet browser. It will otherwise automatically get directed. If not, then open it manually.
  • Click on ‘Agree to terms and conditions’.
  • Tap Next.

How to secure your router

When you set up a router, it has a password set by default. You need to change the password during the configuration process. When you set a unique password, no one can easily guess it. It will become difficult for other to crack your router password.

The steps to secure your router from being hacked or traced by anyone are mentioned here as under:

  1. Allow automatic updates: Check on the box which says ‘Automatic update’. When any new firmware version is available, it will automatically start downloading on your device. This will protect your router from online threats and viruses.
  2. Select new network name and password: Select a new password that can’t be easily forgotten. Change the network name according to your choice. When you change the name it will automatically overwrite on default username.
  3. Wait for few minutes till the network gets personalized.
  4. Wait for 10 minutes till the network settings get configured.
  5. Connect to new network: The process to connect to the new network is same as that of a router connected initially. The only difference is new username and password.
  6. Create a router password: The router password is different from network access password. When you open settings, you will require a password for editing it. On the other hand, when you try to access network, you require a login password. A confirmation message will then get displayed on the screen.


If you are planning to use Linksys Smart Wi-Fi app, then you require a login. With this app installed on your phone, you can easily change the settings of your router from phone app itself. In this app, you will find parental control, schedule settings, creating guest networks. If you are new to this app, then Guest network is enabled by default. This mode can be shared with your relatives because it provides limited access to the network.

Last but not least, you need to close the configuration page. If you want to customize your Linksys WRT1200 according to your preference, then you can do so with the help of an app. It includes prioritizing devices, blocking of websites and changing the network name and password.

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