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Is There A Way To Setup AirCard Mobile Hotspot With Netgear Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender?

Are you looking to setup AirCard Mobile Hotspot with your Netgear Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender? Well, you have come at the right time, as today, we will be discussing the process of how to configure your Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender WN3500RP with your AirCard Mobile Hotspot wireless network along with the process of setting up your extended wireless network.

The first thing that you need to do when beginning with the setting up process is, bring the range extender Wifi in the same room as AirCard Mobile Hotspot. Just keep it until the setup process gets completed, and when it does, you can take the device back to its original location.

1. Turn on your Wi-Fi range extender and wait for the LED status to turn green.

2. Go to your computer, and find “NETGEAR_EXT (SSID)” wireless network and connect to this network. The default name of the wireless network of your extender is NETGEAR_EXT.

Tip: You can make use of a wireless network manager utility or Windows wireless utility to find the extender wireless network and then, connect with the same.

3. Launch your internet browser on the PC that you are using to configure the AirCard Mobile Hotspot with the Netgear Wi-Fi Range Extender. You will be directly taken to the Netgear genie setup guide, so you don’t have to put in much effort for that.

Tip: It is possible for you to check extender settings by connecting your PC to the Wi-Fi range extender and going to http link.

4. Genie is going to search for the wireless networks that exist within its range, and as soon as the search gets complete, you are going to find a list of all the wireless networks from which you can choose the name of the network you would like to extend and click ‘Continue’.

5. If the wireless security is enabled on your existing wireless network, then you will be asked to enter a passphrase, which could be the router’s key or something else that you know. If you don’t see your wireless network, then take a look at the Wi-Fi range extender whether it is within the range of your main network or not. You can go to www mywifiext net login to check this particular thing.

6. If the router that you are having supports 5 GHz band, then choose 5 GHz wireless network on the router followed by clicking ‘continue’ option. If not, then choose ‘my router doesn’t support 5 GHz band’ option.

7. Once your Wi-Fi range extender creates a connection with your router, then it is going to ask you if you’d like to change the wireless settings of the Wi-Fi range extender. You can avoid this option and click ‘continue’ to get to the end part of the setup. It is important for you to understand that this process is a bit complicated than how to set up Wifi, so pay more attention to all the steps that are mentioned in the post.

Note: If you wish to make changes to the wireless settings of the Wi-Fi range extender, then there is an option, i.e., ‘use same security mode and password that you’ve been using for the existing network’, which you have to uncheck. Once the settings have been changed, then click ‘continue’ to move further along with the setup process.

8. A couple of minutes after the 7th step, you are going to see a screen where it is written that you are just a step away from completing the installation. At that point, your PC will be disconnected from the extender wireless network automatically. So, just check the settings to confirm if everything is OK.

9. It’s time to use your computer to connect to the extender network.

10. Once you connect your PC to the extender network, return to the extender genie screen and take a look at ‘my wireless devices are connected to the extender network’ option.

Now, your wireless range extender has been properly installed and you can click ‘Finish’ to come out of the setup page.

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