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Want To Reset Your Netgear Router Password? Here’s The Complete Guide for You

The main purpose of Netgear routers and the extender is to provide enough network strength to the web-based devices so that the work doesn’t get affected due to poor signal strength. The Wireless range extender act as a repeater for the Signal. They boost the signal strength and provide the same on the wireless devices connected to the network. You can use these Range extenders for multiple tasks.

Apart from the above-mentioned capabilities, if you wish to change the password of your Netgear extender setup, then we are going to discuss the steps in this regard. It is recommended to keep on changing the password after regular interval of time. This will save your router from being used by the third person without your permission.

The steps are mentioned here as under. You must read them carefully and follow the same on your device.

  1. To reset or change the passkey of your Netgear router, go to the official webpage of wireless extender or follow the steps mentioned on page.
  2. Once you open the page, go to address bar and enter the accompanying address of your program. The connection will be established.
  3. Now, read the on-screen instructions and follow them accordingly. If you skip any step, you may find a problem in resetting the password.
  4. Enter the client name and other details as asked on the page. You must enter all the details carefully. The details will be verified by the server.
  5. Enter the secret questions asked by the Wi-Fi extender server. You will be directed to the password reset page thereafter.
  6. Enter the name of your Extender and the password you have set earlier. The default secret key is Password and the username is Admin.
  7. Go to ‘Setup a new password’ option from the Netgear switch home page.
  8. Go to ‘Remote settings’ of your router and click on ‘Alternative’.
  9. The user will be asked to change the SSID of your Router.
  10. Enter the new password in the next field for your router.
  11. You will be prompted to enter the password again to confirm it. Click on ‘Save’ to save the changes.

Try connecting to the router with the new password. We hope you will get success after this. These are simple steps to reset or change the password of your router. If you are having any problem or the model of your router is different from the one mentioned in this post, then do call us at our number. We will sort out your problem. Our service executives are highly-qualified and have knowledge of each and every problem. They will solve your problem in a most convenient manner.

If you want the steps to be initiated by our support team, then you are required to give the remote link to your computer. They will perform all the steps on your computer thereafter. You just need to sit and relax for a while. Once the changes get applied. You can check them by connecting the Wi-Fi devices to the router with a new password.

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